Student Forms

These faculty-wide forms are made available for the undergraduate students of the Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences. Submit all forms to the Associate Dean’s office (ASC 413) or email to . Students must provide original copies of supporting documentation, such as doctors notes.

  • Letter of Permission (LOP) Request Form: Please complete this online form after you’ve met with an academic advisor. You don’t need to complete an LOP if you’re participating in a Go Global Exchange.
  • Pre-requisite and Co-requisite Waiver Requests: Submit these forms to the appropriate department assistant.
  • Third Repeat of a Course: Students who wish to retake a course for a third time must apply in writing to Please note that approval for 3rd repeats for failed courses will come with conditions, including a reduced course load and referral to learning supports.

For any other department-specific forms, please consult the appropriate department assistant. For graduate student forms, please visit the graduate students page.

Department Student forms

Academic Concession Requests

All academic concession requests that require medical documentation as part of the request must meet these requirements:

  • Original document required (no photocopies, scans, cell pictures etc.).
  • Signature of the medical professional must be in ink; digital signatures are not accepted.
  • Medical notes and supporting documents may be faxed directly to the Dean’s Office secure fax machine from the practitioners’ office. Must include cover page from the office and the student name in full.

Student Contact

All requests to the Dean’s Office should be made in writing.

Tel: 250.807.9229
Fax: 250.807.8001
Office: ASC 413