Undergraduate Research Awards

2016 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Louise Araujo
Chemistry Synthesis of a compound to identify the binding site of calcium channels in the brain Fred Menard
Guiseppe (Jesse) Crescenzo
Chemistry Green chromium catalysts: Using bipyridine to stabilize mixed-aryl complexes
Kevin Smith
Anthony Culos
Computer Science/Math
Data mining a large health database Jeff Andrews
Brody James Geoghegen
Biochemistry Characterization of a novel enzyme from an opportunistic pathogen Kirstin Wolthers
Lauren Hotchkiss
Psychology Predictors of Hope: An experimental study of the relationship between gratitude and hope
Mark Holder
Tracy Marie Janzen
Psychology Investigating mental health care services for rural older adults
Carolyn Szostak
Andrew Kennedy
Chemistry Development of mass spectrometry techniques for the relative quantification of mucin-type glycans
Wesley Zandberg
Justin King
Biochemistry How do neurosteroids control the "birth" of new neurons in the adult brain?
Bruce Mathieson
Trina Kushnerik
Psychology Impact of directional implicit theories on well-being and intervention efficacy
Mark Holder
Carolyn Lee
Biology Analyzing the neuroprotective properties of oleamide on astrocytes
Andis Klegeris
Tiah Lee
Chemistry Comparison of chemical compounds in a medicinal plant and its loose-leaf commercial tea
Susan Murch
Heather Joanne McIntyre
Anthropology Expression of social identity through grave and tombstone analysis at the Vernon Municipal Cemetery
Diana French
Benjamin Drew Noyovitz
Biochemistry Breadfruit latex biopolymer as a replacement of petroleum-based polymers
Susan Murch
Ashleigh Parker
The New Normal: Developing an updated corpus of normative data for five neuropschological measures
Maya Libben
Christopher John Paterson
Chemistry Synthesis of sugar-bearing cobalt complexes for use as anti-tumor agents
Stephen McNeil
Dakshitha Ranatunga
Biochemistry Regulation of monoterpene synthesis in lavender through RNA interference
Soheil Mahmoud

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