Undergraduate Research Awards

2015 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Spencer Dean
Economics The effects of changes in inter-occupational differences in wages on income inequality
Mohsen Javdani
Charles Jolin-Landry
Math/Physics Bumblebees: a potential solution to honeybee declines?
Rebecca Tyson
Jeff Kerkovius
Chemistry A novel fluorescent label to study a key protein in heart and brain disease
Frederic Menard
Jessa Marley
Math The impact of climate change on predator-prey systems and risk of extinction
Rebecca Tyson
Jordan McKenzie
Medical Biochemistry
Determining the effectiveness of auranofin drug derivates on neuroinflammation
Andis Klegaris
Deanna Pasquale
Biology The impact of replacing maternal intake of milk with almond beverage on infant gut health
Deanna Gibson
Shaqil Rahemtulla
Chemistry The influence of sodium cations on reactions between oxygen-centred radicals and amino acid models
Gino DiLabio
Sydney Rine
Psychology Individual differences in identifying micro expressions and detecting deception
Stephen Porter
Leona Shum
Chemistry Towards an improved method for CE-MS analysis of glycans: a comparison of labels
Wesley Zandberg
Wyatt Slattery
Biology Permeability of novel neuroprotective drugs across an artificial blood brain barrier
Andis Klegaris
Molly-Rae Walker
Biology / Physics
Mapping of organic cation transporters in kidney of fruit flies using gene knockdown
Mark Rheault
Taylor Rae Weixl
Biology / Ecological Evolution
Distinguishing specialist from generalist freshwater diatoms using three methods
Jason Pither

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