Undergraduate Research Awards

2014 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Sydney Acton
Chemistry Developing a cellular assay to measure potency of new iGluR inhibitors
Frederic Menard
Abigail Arnold
Statistics Diabetes and continuous moderate-intensity exercise
Jason Loeppky
Ekta Bajwa
Biology / Biochemistry
Exploring the neuroprotective role of metabolites carnitine and palmitoylcarnitine
Andis Klegeris
Carmen Chelick
Biology The effects of interspecific competition on Lewis's Woodpecker populations in the Okanagan
 Karen Hodges
Anis Fahandej-Sadi
Chemistry Catalytic cross-coupling with NHC-Chromium complexes
Kevin Smith
Christopher Garner
Physics A classic dimer model on a frustrated triangular lattice
John Hopkinson
Daniel Graef
History Eastern European cities in transition after WWII
Brigitte Le Normand
Melissa Jonnson
Psychology The role of objectification in intimate partner violence
Zach Walsh
Nicole Labine
Chemistry Chemical profiling of the Acorus Americanus species
Paul Shipley
Philip Martens
Chemistry Cobalt catalysis of oxidizing Lignin Model Compounds
Stephen McNeil
Vanessa Smith
Biology Will invasive grey squirrels replace red squirrels in Kelowna?
Karen Hodges
Maegan Stuart
Biology Investigation of the neuroprotective effects of the drugs Mexidol and Reamberin
Andis Klegeris
Nishat Tasnim
Biology Impact of Environmental microbes on the mammalian gut microbiota
Deanna Gibson
Joel Therrien
Statistics Landscape composition and breeding birds
Paramjit Gill

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