Undergraduate Research Awards

2013 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Sarah Alexis Indigenous Studies The roles of Okanagan women: shaping Sylix culture Margo Tamez
Matthew Bojey Computer Science Developing software for personalized learning in physics education Bowen Hui
Catherine Collins Chemistry North American crataegus as a cardioprotective natural health product Paul Shipley
Eric Failes Psychology Interhemispheric interaction as a mechanism for bilingual advantage Barb Rutherford
Alexa Geddes Health Psychology Understanding Aboriginal health experiences to improve chronic pain assessment Susan Holtzman
Ayden Gouveia Biology Exploring the mechanism of Cytochrome C induced neuronal damage Andis Klegeris
Astri Jack Indigenous Studies Colonized histories of the Okanagan Gregory Younging
David Lacho Anthropology French in the Magdalen Islands: a drowning dialect in a rising sea Christine Schreyer
Marisa Okano Psychology Beauty or devotion? Factors of attraction in violent relationships Zach Walsh
Yasha Pushak Mathematics Investigating innovative road design algorithms Warren Hare
Josephine Schrott Psychology Sustainability and well-being: is 'good for the Earth', 'good for the person?' Mark Holder
Thomas Welsh Chemistry Hydrogen production by chromium based catalysts Kevin Smith
Dylan Zaitsoff Biology PTracking an invasive fungus in BC soils along a successional gradient Miranda Hart

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