Undergraduate Research Awards

2012 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Andrew Barton Geography Place and Pipelines: capturing the value of our sense of space Donna Senese
James Beaton Political Science Nuclear power after the Fukushima Daiichi crisis Carl Hodge
Laura Feeny Biology Effects of the endocrine disruptor Atrazine on neurosteroid synthesis Bruce Mathieson
Mallory Flynn Statistics Exploring theories of star formation Jason Loeppky
Robyn Giffen Anthropology Writing a language, voicing a people: creating an orthograhy for Nabit Christine Schreyer
Graeme Douglas Computer Science Efficient databases on the smallest embedded devices Ramon Lawrence
Dion Kaszas Indigenous Studies Uncovering Nlaka'pamux tattooing: reclaiming symbolic identity markers Margo Tamez
Tim Krupa Psychology Assessing positive well-being of children in Zambia Mark Holder
Clayton Lamb Biology American pika evolutionary potential in the face of climate change Mike Russello
Jenelle Lamothe Biochemistry The role of metabolic hormones in neuroinflammation Andis Klegeris
Kristina Malekow Chemistry Green catalysis for the degradation of Ligning Model Compounds Stephen McNeil
Isaiah Mandryk Computer Science Effects of neuron clustering on performance of neural networks Yong Gao
Jeffrey O'Keefe Chemistry Pyrazole Ethandiamides: the synthesis of new anti-inflammatory drugs Ed Neeland
Alexandra Skodyn Economics Optimal water storage in the Koshi Basin John Janmaat
Andrew Vergara Psychology Culturally competent interventions in juvenile justice: a systematic review Susan Wells

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