Undergraduate Research Awards

2011 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Garrett Culos Mathematics Predicting the Spatial Distribution of an Orchard Insect Pest Rebecca Tyson
Haley Dirksen Biochemistry Modeling Botrytis cinerea growth due to enzymatic and metabolic parameters Cedric Saucier
Karly Drabot Psychology Improving Health of Men who have Sex with Men: Engaging Local Physicians Susan Holtzman
Kerry Erickson Psychology Victim-blaming, Intimate partner violence, Partner abuse, Homosexuality, Sex role attitudes Zach Walsh
Madeleine Henderson Sociology HIV/AIDS news coverage and students' sexual safety: Are they related? Nancy Netting
Afton Hiscox Chemistry Natural Plant Pigments for New Bronze Patinas Stephen McNeil
Stephanie Judge Chemistry, EESC Scavenging of Trace Metals in Calcite from Regional Lakes Jeff Curtis
Jennifer Kluftinger Psychology The Lateralization of Anxiety and Depression Barbara Rutherford
Jamie McKee-Scott Comp. Science On Educational Games: A Comparison of User Interfaces Patricia Lasserre
Erin Molcan Microbiology The effect of dietary lipid on microbial ecology during aging Deanna Gibson
Colby Renschler Biochemistry Exploring gold compounds as inhibitors of neuroinflammation Andis Klegeris
Joshua Sarada Mathematics Self Dual Regularization of Monotone Operators: A Unified Approach Shawn Wang
Brian Stephenson History Freemasonary in the social and cultural experience of British Columbia James Hull
Robert Trenholm Comp. Science Investigating Water Reduction in Civic Parks Using Adaptive Irrigation Ramon Lawrence
Ashley Yip Biology The role of Rhizopogon spp. tubercles in a Douglas-fir forest Daniel Durall

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