Undergraduate Research Awards

2008 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Caitlin Donnelly Biology Modelling Beneficial Effects of Astrocytes on Neural Viability Andis Klegeris
Jordan Sanders Chemistry Catalytic Olefin Hydrocyanation with Organometallic Cobalt Complexes Stephen McNeil
Barbara Hall Chemistry Phytochemistry & Production of Wine Grapes (Vitas viniferae) Susan Murch
Danielle Lalonde Biology Are the Bahamas parrots on Abaco and Inagua distinct conservation units? Michael Russello
Jessica Jackson Psychology The Dark Connection: Machiavellianism, Psychopathy and Shakespeare's Villains Michael Woodworth
Becky Thesen Biology Expression Patterns of Three Terpene Synthase Genes in Lavender Soheil Mahmoud
Jessica Pilfold Chemistry The preparation and synthesis of organometaliic polymers containing macrocycles Alaa Abd-El-Aziz
Ashley Devantier Chemistry Development and Analysis of New Bronze Patinas Stephen McNeil
Amber Brown Earth Science Hydrogeology of Fortune Creek, Northern Okanagan Robert Young
Philip Choi Molecular Biology Development of a transformation protocol for Streptomyces nodosus ssp. Asukaensis Mary Forrest
Elizabeth Strohm Chemistry Synthesis of Two Substrates for an Enzyme Involved in Asukamycin Biosynthesis Paul Shipley
Marylin Osborne Sociology Organic versus Junk: The Implications of the Food Choices we Make Patricia Tomic
Allison Bowles Anthropology Problems of Nutrition, Disease and Vision Loss in Aboriginal Populations Diana French
Kimberley McCrea Psychology Whatcha Lookin' at? Eye Tracking and Individual Differences from Art History to Substance Use Marvin Krank
Michael Crisanti Biology Excretion of Nickel by the Mosquito Malpighian (renal) tubules Mark Rheault
Rebecca Tromsness Sociology Sister City Development: Exacerbating Economic & Cultural Disparities? Ricardo Trumper
Cuong Le Chemistry Discovery of novel compounds facilitated by metabolite profiling of Streptomyces Paul Shipley
Allison Sharkey Anthropology The Kayapo: Brazilian Education and its Influence on the Transmission of Traditional Ecological Knowledge Naomi McPherson
Ashley Whidden Psychology The Influence of Context on the Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements Carolyn Szostak

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