Undergraduate Research Awards

2006 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Jenna Benson Biology Genotypes of different Age Categories of Douglas-fir in Xeric, Mesic, and Hygric Interior Douglas-fir Forest Dan Durall
Mike Pidwirny
Jon Cooper Physics Restoration of interrupted signals by analytic continuation Murray Neuman
Wayne Broughton
Nicole Cormier Psychology An assessment of Gender Bias in RCMP Perceptions of intimate Partner Abuse Michael Woodworth
Lisa Dahrouge Philosophy, Political Science, Economy Social Determinants of Health Two Case Studies: Japan & Sweden Manuela Ungureanu
Craig Mitton
Scott Fazackerley Computer Science Implementation of Communication Protocols for self-organizing Microcontroller Networks Alan Paeth
Amanda Ferguson Environmental Chemistry Pharmaceuticals in Aquatic Systems Jeff Curtis
Rob O’Brien
Moira McNairnay Anthropology A Comparative Study of the Social Attitudes Toward the Roma in Eastern-central Europe and Canada Naomi McPherson
Kiyoshi Robson Chemistry Spin State Properties of Bis(amidinate)Cobalt Complexes Steve McNeil
Susan Tara Scoular Psychology EvoC – Evolution and Culture Liane Gabora
Genadiy Selivanov Mathematics Statistics Forecasting Methodology for Call Centres Sylvia Esterby
Stephen Welsh Statistics Air Quality and Asthma in British Columbia Paramjit Gill
Ryan Whitehouse Freshwater Science Hydrogeochemistry of the Kelowna Area Jeff Curtis

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