Undergraduate Research Awards

2018 Award Recipients

Student Name Department Project Title Supervisor(s)
Mitchell Figura
Biology How Specific Fatty Acids Impact the Inflammation and Disease Processes in the Mammalian Heart
Sanjoy Ghosh
Clerissa Heck (Copeland)
Biology Allopregnanolene's effect on the progression of neurogensis Bruce Mathieson
Makoto Kishida*
The effects of organic cation transporter CRISPR gene knockdown on xenobiotic excretion in insects Mark Rheault
Emily Manzer
Biology Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species in Sensory Neurons Undergoing Trophic Deprivation Philip Barker
Nora Melisa Perea Garcia*
Biology Detection of Caspase Activity using Genetically Encoded Sensors
Philip Barker
Gabriel Zavala*
Biology Determining expression of lavender transcription factors through qPCR
Soheil Mahmoud
Simon Edelmann
Chemistry Synthesis of a fluorescent dye with application for Kainite Receptor Imaging
Frederic Menard
Sydney Fearnley
Traction force microscopy and fluorescent live cell imaging to quantify cell adhesion forces
Isaac Li
Alexander Garner
Development of chemical tools to sequence plant pectin to understand plant fungal reistance
Wes Zandberg
Sylvain Gretchko
Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics The Effects of Climate Change on Spatial Predator-Prey Dynamics
Rebecca Tyson
Georgia Taylor McRae
Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences Influence of Flow Regulation on Stream Temperature: Mission Creek, BC
Bernard Bauer
Amy Doricic
Community, Culture and Global Studies Nesolat Kijinosi Tiholat (To Learn Thus to Understand:) Constructing Compassion through Dothraki
Christine Schreyer
Karen Coppock
Investigating Gender Bias with Relation to the Sentencing Gap in Homicidal Sentencing
Michael Woodworth
Timothy Nemet
Psychology Relationship between intimate partner violence and cannabis use
Zachery Walsh
Victoria Scotney
Psychology Creative Influences and Smile Diffusion
Liane Gabora
Diya Wala*
Psychology Gratitude and Well-Being: A Mediator Analysis
Derrick Wirtz
Zoe Howell
History and Sociology The Social Experience of Low Income Single Mother's in Kelowna's Changing Economic Market
Luis Aguiar
Danielle Tataryn
History and Sociology Impact of Technological Changes on the Canning Industry in BC's Southern Interior
James Hull
An-Noura-Zen-Nab Compaore
Economics, Philosophy and Political Science Do you prefer foreign aid or direct foreign investment for tomorrow Madame?
Ross Hickey
Shamarthi Ghosh*
Economics, Philosophy and Political Science Night Lights and First Nation's Governance
Ross Hickey
Daniel Kandie*
Economics, Philosophy and Political Science Municipal Amalgamation in the Okanagan: Greater Vernon
Carey Doberstein
Adam Newton-Blows
Economics, Philosophy and Political Science The Period That Time Forgot: Exploring Consumer Demand In The Very Short Run
Julien Picault
 * Indicates winners of the International Undergraduate Research Awards (IURA) 

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