Undergraduate Research Awards

2017 Award Recipients

Student Name Major Project Title Supervisor(s)
Morgan Ashley Alford
Biology Cathepsin B as a regulator of microglial immune responses
Andis Klegeris
Megan Amy Buers
Biology How the use of biosolids affect American kestrel nest site selection and foraging behavior Karen Hodges
Mackenzie Campbell
Modeling wildlife habitat in the Canadian environmental assessment process Adam Ford
Norbert Eke
Statistics What a customers really saying? A modern approach to feature-based customer review mining Jeff Andrews
Michael Gauld
Sociology An oral history of organized labour & activism in the Okanagan Valley
Luis Aguiar
An Goto*
Chemistry Making beets blue: A multi-disciplinary approach to the chemical modification of betanin
Gino DiLabio
Anton Hsu* 
Biology Mycorrhizal fungi species involved in nitrogen distribution in lodgepole pine germinants
Melanie Jones
Margaret Kate Ingram
Assessment of psychopathy expression by gender
Brian O'Connor
Hogun Kang
The expression of an insect organic cation transporter in an Sf9 insect cell line
Mark Rheault
Brianne Newman
Microbiology Evaluation of wine yeast viability in chemically defined grape juice medium
Dan Durall
Adriane Peak
Anthropology The Royal Canadian Legion: A community and organization at a crossroads
David Geary
Jaclyn Salter
History Voluntary organisations, municipal governments, and their relationship to the provincial government
James Hull
Shaharyar Syed
Novel statistical approaches in the analysis of environmental impacts
Jeff Andrews
Adam Bryce Yasunaga
Chemistry The effects of molecular tension on integrins and cell spreading
Isaac Li
Sara Vicaretti
Chemistry Improving infant formula through addition of complex carbohydrates found in human milk
Wesley Zandberg
 * Indicates winners of the International Undergraduate Research Awards (IURA) 

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