• adam wei
    UBC hosts international Conference on Forests and Water
    Delegates highlight how changing forest environments affect water resources
  • Tettey
    Prof. Wisdom Tettey starts five-year term as Dean of the Barber School
    IKBSAS is a 'globally diverse, caring, supportive and vibrant community'
  • Lael Forrest Research
    Prof. Lael Parrott leads field course to Oregon forest
    'Best course I have ever taken' - Rachel Field, biology PhD student
  • Jason Loeppky
    Seven IKBSAS profs receive over $1-million in federal research funding
    Stats prof Jason Loeppky awarded an additional $120,000 through NSERC Accelerator Supplement
  • Nishat Tasnim
    'Our generation is educated, diverse, tech-savvy, and environmentally conscious'
    New BSc grad Nishat Tasnim speaks to the IKBSAS class of 2015
  • Camila Monagas
    'Be a leader, not a follower'
    New BA grad Camila Monagas delivers 2015 IKBSAS graduation speech
  • john klironomos
    Watch Biology Prof. John Klironomos: leading research in diverse landscapes 
    UBCO is the ideal place to research, teach, learn and live
  • Pushak
    Stellar student researcher wins $10,000 leadership prize
    Pushor Mitchell award goes to Barber School undergrad Yasha Pushak
  • student profiles home
    What makes UBCO a great place to study?
    Current Barber School students talk about their programs and best UBCO moments

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