2016 Undergraduate Research Conference

Oral Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Melissa Hinderle


Fred Menard

Study of kainate receptors in astrocytes via confocal imaging and electrophysiology

Broghan Erland


Jason Loeppky/Deanna Gibson

The effects of multiplicity in meta-analysis and its biased outcomes

Melissa Larrabee

Louise Nelson
Selection of new potential microbial antagonists from an organic orchard in the Okanagan to control postharvest fungal diseases on Spartan and Gala apple cultivars

Poster Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Iman Zahirfar


Jan Cioe

Individual differences and the acceptance of forced sex

Caleb Makortoff

Maya Libben
Perfectionism CBM increases anxiety and eating disorder traits

Ashley Lemke

chemistry Soheil Mahmoud

 Overexpression of lavandulyl diphosphate synthase in chrysanthemum cinerariifolium

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