2015 Undergraduate Research Conference

Oral Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Nishat Tasnim


Deanna Gibson

Impact of environmental microbes on the mammalian gut microbiota

Yasha Pushak

computer science

Warren Hare

An introduction to non-smooth, convex optimization

Laura Haringsma

Stephen Porter
An examination of psychopathic language during narratives of positive memories

Poster Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Philip Martens


Stephen McNeil

Synthesis of water-soluble cobalt catalysts for the green oxidation of the Lignin Model compound veratryl alcohol

Sandeep Gill

Deanna Gibson
Fish oil supplementation has a differential effect during murine colitis dependent on background fatty acids

Jessa Marley

mathematics Rebecca Tyson

 The impact of climate change on predator-prey systems and their risk of extintion

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