2012 Undergraduate Research Conference

Oral Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Jillian Rutherford (TRU)


John Church

Using Operant Conditioning to Facilitate Physiological Sampling from Captive Ungulates

Steven Mairs (UBC)


Erik Rosolowsky

The Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Triangulum Galaxy

Stephen Smithbower (UBC)

Computer Science

Ramon Lawrence

Bulgarian Pregnancy Rates on Modern Graphics Cards: A Case Study for Implementing Monte Carlo Simulations on GPUs

Poster Presentations

Name Program Supervisor Title

Matthew Glover (UBC)


Mark Rheault

Tissue Expression Patterns of the Passive Copper Transporters ctr1b & ctr1u in Larval Aedes Aegypti Following 24 Hour Exposure to Water Borne Copper

Katelyn Pocha (UBC)

Earth & Environmental Science

John Greenough

Eldorado Gold Project: Statistical Comparison of ICP-AES and XRF Analysis in Mineral Exploration

Paige Hagedoren (TRU)


Mark Paetkau and John Church

Physical Factors Affecting Infrared Thermography as an Early Disease Detection Method in Cattle

Canadian Botanical Association Awards

Name Program Supervisor Title

Lauren Erland (oral)


Soheil Mahmoud

Regeneration of Lavandula pinnata (fernleaf lavender) & Coriandum sativum (coriander), and cloning of an essential oil-related gene

 Joanne Taylor (poster)  Anthropology  John Wagner  Food and Water Security - Sustainably Feeding the World

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